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Over the past 15 years I have seen APG transform one company after another taking them from good to great... including mine. ~ Sarah Harrington, Reach Technology

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More, Higher-Quality Business Leads

Lead generation is a tricky business. The only leads that truly make sense are those who are most likely to want or need what you’re selling. Some of these leads will come to you because of your reputation. Some will find you by searching for solutions to a problem. But, most will be leads that you find, connect with, and nurture. This requires a combination of “Inbound” (they find you) and “Outbound” (you reach out to them) marketing. And, it requires more data base expertise than most marketing professionals possess. If you don’t simply want more leads, but would prefer more high-quality leads, then we can help
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Increase Revenue with More, Higher-Ticket Sales

Few people actually think about “managing” their leads. Even fewer think of an existing customer as a lead. That’s a shame because your revenue per sale is higher for existing customers, and some of those “dead” leads can become your best customers. Lead management entails getting every last drop of revenue from your lead and customer databases. You’ll segment your leads into distinct groups so that your marketing targets your prospect and customer interests. You’ll “resurrect” dead leads with new offers or ideas. And, you’ll keep nurturing your existing customers, prompting them to keep buying and to never have a reason to evaluate your competition.
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Turn Tire Kickers into Raving Fans

The simple fact is that humans enjoy being stroked. Given a choice, we’ll pick the vendor handing out free samples over the vendor who expects us to take all the risk. In a store, we’ll pick product A if it provides more useful information than product B. In B2B marketing we call this nurturing a lead. We walk them down the gilded path from “What is this?” to “I need this.” We’re not simply selling a product. We artfully induce feelings of lust, desire, or even passion for a solution that might not have previously been on their radar. Do a good job, and they’ll soon be begging you to sell them your product.
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How to Get Your Sales Team to Throw You a Party

By far, the biggest complaint we hear from sales managers is, “We don’t trust the leads we get from Marketing.” There’s an easy solution to this age-old problem: let your sales team decide when a lead is “sales ready.” The way you do this is through lead scoring. Your lead landing on one web page might be worth 10 points, while that same lead might be worth 100 points if he attends your webinar. Your lead’s actions dictate his or her readiness. By “scoring” your lead’s actions and alerting sales when a certain score is reached, you’ll be giving the sales team higher quality leads who are “close-ready.” The result: more sales and happier sales people.
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The Rainbow that Leads You to the Pot of Gold

Marketing Automation is the engine that drives today’s hottest marketing machines. It’s both the software and the system that ties together the disparate pieces of Lead Generation, Lead Management, Lead Nurturing, Lead Segmentation, and Lead Scoring. And yet, marketing automation is far more than a chunk of programming code. It’s a way of thinking that is shaking the marketing world at its core. Making it work requires executive-level commitment, and an alignment between sales and marketing that most never dreamt possible. It is driven by high-value Content and fueled by high-octane Data. And the payoff is dramatic.
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