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What Your Combined Responses Mean

You answered ‘YES’ a total of 0 out of a possible 10 questions. Here’s what this means:

You will probably survive but it's unlikely that you'll ever reach your potential. A competitor with a slightly better product or service or a slightly better system could threaten both your business and your current growth.

Your Individual Responses

Question 1: Tightly Defined Target Market

Unfortunately, without this you will depend on Lady Luck. You can't sell to everyone, and its a grand waste of time and money to attract the wrong prospects.

Question 2: Becoming the Preferred Choice

Unfortunate, indeed. This crucial sales step takes prospects from 'tell me more' to 'I want you.'

Question 3:Monitoring and Measurement

You're the norm, which only puts you on a par with your competition. When you adequately measure your marketing results, you can easily 'turn the spigot on' as necessary to get new business.

Question 4: Targeting the Most Profitable Customers

When you have a system to perform highly targeted marketing, you will reduce your marketing and sales costs while dramatically improving your bottom line.

Question 5: Marketing Materials

There is always room for improvement here. If your marketing materials aren't effective (not moving prospection into action), then either you're not addressing your prospect's core needs; or, you're not articulating those needs in a way that resonates with your prospects. Either way, this is a critical element of any marketing campaign.

Question 6: Lead Capture

You have a tremendous opportunity here. Most businesses, including your competitors, fail miserably at this. What little traffic they get to their website never turns into qualified prospects because there isn't a clear and meaningful call to action. Lead capture is actually more important than simply getting people to your website. Without it, you have nothing to show for your efforts.

Question 7: Landing Pages

Not being able to see and record who visits your website is like driving a car using only the rearview mirror. There is an art and science to a great landing page, so this is an area which can give your sales an instant boost.

Question 8: Automated Lead Generation System

It's hard to scale and grow reliably without automation. Automation is the key to success in the coming years, and that means making full use of all that the Internet has to offer. Your competitors will do it soon and to keep pace, it is worth considering.

Question 9: Return on Marketing Investment

'If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it,' as the old saying goes. Without knowledge of the cost to get a new customer or their lifetime value, it's hard to optimize your processes and avoid paying too much for new business.

Question 10: Marketing Plan/Revenue goals

Don't worry. It's not too late to create a viable, affordable, and effective plan. They key to any plan is to create measurable milestones, and that's one of the core aspects of our 60 Days to New Business System.

Read This if You Want New Customers

When you’re thirsty, you simply walk to the water faucet, turn on the tap, and watch your glass fill to the brim.

Our 60 Days to New Business System is designed to make getting new customers almost that easy:

  • Intelligence Gathering: With our proprietary software we gather detailed intelligence on your competition and market.
  • Targeting: We’ll pinpoint your most profitable customers and direct the message toward them.
  • Automation: And, we harness the power of the Internet to bring you more highly targeted and ready-to-buy prospects.

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