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B2B Lead Gen Activity Calculator

How Many Leads Do You Need?

How much  activity do you need to reach your revenue goal?

Instructions: Answer the first 6 questions in the spreadsheet. Your results will appear in the cells below “Your Results”. More detail available here:


  1. Incremental Sales Revenue: The is the amount of revenue your business plan calls for in addition to the revenue you believe will naturally recur in your business.
  2. Percentage of Revenue Marketing Must Generate: Most sales teams generate some portion of their own leads. Here is where you declare the percentage of leads used to generate your incremental revenue that you are counting on sales to produce in addition to the leads generated by the sales team.
  3. Average Sales Size: What was your average deal size last year? Modify that by what you expect in the coming year.
  4. Qualification Rate: Sales people follow up on leads that, in their opinion, they can close in a reasonable period of time. On average, today, what percentage of leads generated by market does sales actually follow-up on or “accept”?
  5. Percentage Win Rate: Of those leads that the sales people work, what percentage becomes revenue?
  6. Free Information Response Rate: If you use free information to generate leads, what is your average response or download rate?