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Marketing Automation Readiness Points; #9 of 11

B2B Lead Generation, Content, Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Readiness; #9 of 11


Program Selling Tools — – Does your marketing content align and agree with the selling tools being used in the sales organization?

What Bad Thing Happens if You Don’t Do It? Sales will spend less time in follow-up on leads and fewer prospects will buy.

Marketing Automation – Have you defined, developed and aligned standard templates for emails, auto-responders, thank you pages, landing pages, capture forms, and content etc.

What Bad Thing Happens if You Don’t Do It? You won’t be automating your marketing.

Progressive Profiling Needs Defined – Do you have a plan about what to collect and how to use what you collect that aligns with your editorial calendar?

What Bad Thing Happens if You Don’t Do It? Your conversion rate will be slow to improve.

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