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Marketing Automation Consulting

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Marketing Automation Consulting

More Revenue – Less Cost

Albertson Performance Group is in the business of marketing automation consulting to help our clients make marketing automation work to increase revenue and ROI while decreasing costs. In marketing automation consulting experience matters.

Experience & Perspective

Our team is led by Eric Albertson, a nationally known marketing automation and sales expert.  Eric and his team have experience in Eloqua, Marketo, Act-on, Manticore, HubSpot and We have helped some the largest companies in the world down to some very small companies succeed in marketing, marketing automation, lead generation, database marketing and above all revenue generation.

Cory Klatt is our technology guru. Sid Smith is our content and copy magician. David Levesque is our sales genius. Together we have been producing results for our clients and employers for decades.

Easy, Fast and Less Stress

In short, you can get the results you want and need more easily and with less stress through our decades of success in the b2b marketing world.

Marketing Automation Consulting

Marketing automation’s success is due to its track record of dropping costs while delivering more leads, better leads using nurture, faster sales closing through lead scoring while proving ROI and the value of Marketing’s contributions to revenue.  Our marketing automation services are:

Marketing Automation Software selection – with our help you can reduce your costs up to 40% or more while getting the right solution for your situation.

Marketing Automation Adoption — we’ll help it fit you like a glove.

Demand Generation Consulting — we have decades of success generating leads in technology, software, engineering, medical devices, professional service and software as a service.

Lead Nurturing Consulting — this is the first key to leads that sales will eagerly follow-up on and can close quickly.

Lead Qualification, Lead Scoring and Lead Management Consulting — this is the second key to leads that sales will eagerly follow-up on and can close quickly.

Marketing and Sales Alignment – helping these two groups work together is the secret ingredient to high performing marketing automation programs. Our proprietary process makes this possible.

Sales Conversion Consulting – insight into getting those marketing automation leads to turn into revenue.

Marketing Automation Operations — once your program is performing to expectation we can teach your people to take it over or we can keep operating it for you; we’ll help you see all your options.

Lead Management & Marketing Automation Strategy — Clients love our marketing action plan; this covers both strategy and the required tactics or actions. Starting with your existing lead management strategy we’ll provide options and suggestions on how to get more leads, strengthen your sales pipeline, grow revenue and report the impact of the Marketing Automation Program to senior management.

Marketing Automation Vendors

All marketing automation platforms function on the same theme with each having their own variations. It’s those variations that make one better over another for you. We can quickly guide you to the best 2 or three for your situation. We don’t get paid by any vendor so our recommendations have only your best interest in mind.

Albertson Performance Group, Inc. has the expertise to do marketing automation consulting for all major marketing automation platforms:
















Alsa Marketing


Marketing Pilot

CRM Integration

We also have the experience to integrate the related CRM platforms such as, Microsoft Dynamics  and all of the other plug-ins used to round out the utility of each platform.

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