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Why Marketing Automation Fails List

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Why Marketing Automation Fails – The List

Usually because of a lack of one or more of the following:

  1.  Goals and Objectives
  2. Revenue Plan
  3. Target Market Data
  4. Segmentation
  5. Ideal Customer Profile
  6. Poor “Sales Ready” Definition?
  7. Key Player Perspective and Data
  8. Customer Buying Process
  9. Inaccurate Customer Pains & Aspirations (Questions)
  10. Status Quo Visibility or Map
  11. Answers Map
  12. Poor Message to Market Match
  13. Understanding of Buying Stages
  14. Buying Process Support Documents
  15. Correct Keywords
  16. Search Engine Optimization
  17. Inadequate Content creation process, standards and methods
  18. Reliable Content Assessment
  19. Poor Understanding of Content Needs
  20. Map Content Sequence or “Nurture Process”
  21. Editorial Calendar Being Used
  22. Offer Plan
  23. Content and Offer Development Schedule
  24. Content Deployment Plan
  25. Program Selling Tools
  26. Marketing Automation
  27. Progressive Profiling Needs Defined
  28. Lead Scoring
  29. Sales & Marketing Alignment
  30. Marketing Reference Database
  31. Data Maintenance and Cleansing Process
  32. Process Definition
  33. Program Operations & Management

Which ones are you missing?

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