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Marketing Automation Readiness Points; #10 of 11

B2B Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales Alignment

Marketing Automation Readiness; #10 of 11

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Lead scoring that sales trusts enough that they follow up on a high percentage of marketing’s leads is a product of marketing and sales alignment. This is a top strategy for increasing revenue.

Lead Scoring – Has a lead scoring model has been worked out between the sales force and marketing team?Marketing & Sales Alignment?

¬†What Bad Thing Happens if You Don’t Do It? Sales will be far less likely to follow-up if they aren’t sure of how interested in buying the leads are.

Sales & Marketing Alignment – Are the marketing and sales team are aligned and are they maintaining that alignment through weekly meetings? Is marketing producing leads that sales are following-up on 80% of the time?

What Bad Thing Happens if You Don’t Do It? You’ll give up 50% or more of your revenue potential from marketing automation and sales lead generation.

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