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Marketing is About Results

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It’s About the End and Not the Means

It’s Not About The Technique or Medium

This blog talks about b2b marketing automation. Others talk about SEO, Content, Data, TV, Direct mail, PR, Seminars, Webinars, Telemarketing, Radio, Video and so on. Those are the wrong topics.

It’s About Results

Every situation is different. Sure there are commonalities. The big mistake is to go out looking for nails to hit with your hammer no matter how cool that hammer might be.

It’s Good to Know How it Works

Many magical things are possible when a vendor has deep expertise with a marketing technique or medium. The problem is that it blinds you when you start with the technique or medium.

Start With The Result

That result should be a strategic objective like filling a webinar with people with a specific title from specific companies who have a specific perspective. That result should be directly connected to the steps necessary to achieve a target ROI.

Path To Results

What is the best combination of actions, tools, techniques, steps and media to achieve that result with the least risk and and highest ROI.

Three Choices

If your team has the distinctions to put together the best combination of actions, tools, techniques, steps and media to achieve the desired result and they can prove it with  results more often than not then you are set.  If you don’t have such a team then you have three choices;

    • Allow them to build a plan and earn those critical distinctions through trial and error. With the right team this can be very effective and not too costly. With the wrong team it can be a total waste.
    • Hire an expert to do it all for you. This can get you the result and a window into how it works but probably won’t built the distinctions you need for independent success.
    • Hire and expert to do it with your team. This is my favorite. You won’t be dependent for too long, you’ll build the necessary distinction and limit your risk of result and ROI.

Means vs. Ends

I understand why companies get into bed with a specific technique (SEO) or Media (Direct Mail or email) vendor. The problem is if you start there you’ll find it hard to move to the right or the left of what they do if experience or new information dictate. This goes for technology as well. I think marketing automation and CRM are very valuable. I also got along without them for decades and don’t see them as the first thing to do in most cases.

Confidence and Conviction

The first thing to do is get results and ROI. The reason is simply to win the faith and confidence of the organization. Win  2-7 times in a row and you’ll have the freedom and support to build a long term program.


I used to resent it and now I expect it; it’s human nature. Depending on the company culture I usually have to hit the ball out of the baseball park 2 to 7 times before people have any level of confidence and conviction that I know what I’m doing. I’d suggest you consider that the same will hold true for you.

The Big Point

If you catch yourself getting enamored with a technique or media consider sitting back and reminding yourself what you are really after. Too many careers are cut short by people who forget.



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