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The key to success, we’ve found, is message to market match… let me explain.

Google and Everybody Else Loves Video

Everybody, it seems likes video… especially Google. Doesn’t really matter if its YouTube or video served from any other source according to many of the experts.

Some experts go so far, it seems, to think that video can make coal sparkle like a diamond. I don’t agree.

Engaging, Relevant and Unique Content

It’s still all about content – information. Good information. Relevant information. Engaging information. Hard to find information. Unique information… The medium only matters in that some, like video, are easier to digest in the iPad era and still seem to hold magical promise because we can’t see the paragraphs. Plus Google seems to like it an order of magnitude better than plain copy.

Bait That Hook

We find that what you put on the hook determines who or what you’ll catch and hold – just like any other form or vehicle for communication.

What you put on the hook is also the key to how much you’ll make using video.

Hot Water for a Thirsty Desert Dweller?

Today it’s all about message to market match; is your message like a cold drink on a hot day to a thirsty person in the Sarah Desert?

Do you connect to your audience at the level of their fundamental interest? When you do it pays – when you don’t it doesn’t… no matter how cute, flashy or sophisticated the effects. A shiny lump of coal still isn’t’ a diamond.

And I Do That How? 

The big question is how do I do a message to market match?

  • First dial in your ideal prospect and then the different industries those prospects fall into.
  • Next figure out who participates in making a decision for what your sell – we call those the key player roles. The more you dial in your message to a particular key players interest the more powerful the impact… and the better your message to market match.
  • Talk to their WIIFM aka their Whats In It For Me  – if you do you’ll likely get their attention.
  • To get their attention enough that they say tell me more so you can nurture or further develop their interest and possibly even achieve their conviction that you’re the one for them… it’s a job for Marketing Syntax:
    • Target market
    • Target market’s problem
    • A solution to that problem
    • A story
    • Proof
    • Result
    • Next step, call to action

Perfection – No. Better than 95% of what your competition is doing? Probably

Remember the joke about the two guys who ran into the bear while walking in the woods. The one guy quickly takes off his hiking boots and puts on his running shoes. The other guys says “you can’t out run that bear”. The first guy smiles and says “no, but I can out run you”. You just have to get the market to message match better than your competition.

After they’ve been nurtured, drip marketed, kept warm or whatever you want to call it they are well on their way to being ready for the good folks in sales. Your job, dear marketer, is done.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line; if they see the win they’ll listen. If they don’t see the win when listening to your video they’ll quickly run away. You won’t get the money… all because you didn’t get the message to market match.

The Video Version:

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