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B2B Marketing Automation and Simple

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B2B Marketing Automation and Simple

They Should and Do Go Together

If your B2B marketing automation consultant makes it too complex to start; RUN. You might be putting your career on the line. Early and easy to understand results and ROI enhance most careers. Slow returns and too much complexity can cut a career short.

Simple Gets Done

Yes – this website and blog talks about many of the complexities of getting the highest ROI out of B2B marketing automation. More important than all that is to just have it AND use it. To do that for most companies B2B marketing automation needs to be very simple.

Narrow and Simple B2B Marketing Automation

One product or service, one market segment or niche (list), one offer, one landing page and a 3-7 piece nurture. A simple integration with your CRM if you have one. A 30 minute meeting with sales to let them know what’s happening and to conservatively set their expectations. Do this and you are ahead of about 70% of all other marketing automation users.

Quick 10% in revenue jump

Recent research suggests that most moderate users of  B2B marketing automation will get a 10% boost in revenue. The math is easy. There is probably little else you can do in business that will return that much growth that fast.

More Than Just Revenue

The win from simple B2B marketing automation is more than the 10% revenue boost recent research suggests. Its also the improved reputation and status with the CEO/President, sales team and leadership as well as a nice warm cozy feeling. Frankly I think the nice warm cozy feeling will be more valuable in the long haul than any of the other wins.

The Trick to Making it Simple and Fast

Hire the right B2B marketing consultant. If you get the right B2B marketing consultant they will give you the confidence to move fast, limit the risk, help make sure all the pieces work together and will handle the technical details. They will also have access to resources to back fill for any component you don’t have (e.g. a good offer, list, etc).  In other words they’ll make it simple , easy AND relatively stress free.

Report and Relax

Report the results to the stakeholders and relax. Take a week or two off and do something else. When you are tanned, rested and ready go do another campaign. It could be to a new segment or with a new offer. Just tweak one or two variables and see what happens.

Leverage Confidence

The right B2B marketing automation consultant will give you this process or recipe, tune for your situation, in writing so you can repeat as often as you wish. Some just want the B2B marketing automation consultant to do it for them. Either way your previous results have given you confidence that you can do this and you can get results. Now it’s time to leverage your confidence to expand by just following the simple process.

Last Mile

The final and key step is to stay engaged with sales. Listen. Watch their level of engagement. If you don’t get engagement just ask why and don’t be defensive when they tell you. The right B2B marketing automation consultant will have a background in both sales and marketing; they will be able to help facilitate the first few marketing and sales meetings to achieve a bit of alignment. Once sales starts following-up on a solid 50% plus of your leads and closing a few you are on your way.

Simple is Best

This whole process is simple for good reason; it gets done.

Just Enough

The key is that this simple process has all the components necessary to produce leads that sales can and probably will close. This kind of simple produces revenue. As your confidence and execution grows – as sales follows up and closes some portion of the leads – you will begin to leverage the power of keeping B2B marketing automation simple.


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