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What Is Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation?

A Sign of Interest

Lead generation is the process communicating information and offers to people you want to buy your product or service until they respond with some sign of interest.

How Leads Respond

The desired response is their contact information and permission to send them something  you have offered in your communication. It is a sign of interest and that’s all it is. Sales can’t efficiently do much with this lead in most cases.

Verified Contact vs. Lead

The fact that the prospect gave you their contact information, even if it was just their first name and email address, makes them a lead to some people. I’d suggest you call this a “verified contact” and not yet a lead.

Lead Definition

To some a lead is anyone with  the ability to fog a mirror with a breath. At the other extreme it is someone who is paying you to tell them what they should buy from you. For salespeople a lead is someone that can buy and will buy, what they are selling, in a reasonable period of time. A great lead is someone who will buy over and over again.

How to Get That Lead

Nurture this “sign of  interest” with more information delivered at the right pace, which may develop familiarity, credibility, trust and more interaction and you are on your way to a solid lead. This is the lead sales will follow-up on and more often than not can sell.

Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is unique in its ability to provide your salespeople with the right volume of leads, the right quality of leads, leads that will close quickly and leads that are relatively inexpensive to generate.

The Trick to Realizing the Potential

The trick is to set up the marketing automation system correctly so that it will give you what you and your sales people want. Set up incorrectly marketing automation will just waste time and money while annoying those you want to sell to.

Like a Website Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago many thought a website was optional. Few do today. Today some think marketing automation is optional. To some it actually may be optional. Those are probably the same folks for whom a website is still optional.

Why is Lead Generation using Marketing Automation Important?

For the same reason that using computers in your business is important: you probably can’t stay competitive without it in most markets. The bottom line is that IF lead generation using  marketing automation makes sense for your business and industry, then you’d better embrace it or get left in the dust by your competition who HAS embraced automated marketing and lead generation systems.

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