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One Simple Change that Doubled Sales

Content Marketing

Your Product’s Purpose Versus How it’s Used

Content marketing - One simple changeA colleague of ours runs a multi-million dollar online operation that sells a variety of products to aging baby boomers.

He has a product that he described as a “Lift Chair” – Its purpose is to “lift” the person out of the comfy chair and into an upright position. No more struggling to get out of the chair, only to sit back down in frustration.

The product sold well… until, that is, he changed the headline for the product.

The original headline emphasized what they considered to be the primary benefit: Lift Chair Lifts You Effortlessly to a Standing Position.

This is the sort of headline that technology companies use all the time. It makes sense to emphasize what you’d consider the major benefit in your headline. However, after he’d received an email from a customer who described the chair as “her favorite sleeping chair,” our friend decided to test a new headline.

The new headline simply read, “Our Favorite Sleeping Chair.”

Sales of the product doubled within a week.

The Point

Quite often the “primary benefit” of a product doesn’t pass the “So what?” test. It’s ho-hum and doesn’t offer a truly unique, emotionally-satisfying benefit. Simple conversations with your customers can reveal hidden benefits that offer far more emotional appeal than what you and your competitors are currently promoting.

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