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Marketing Automation is just a way to deliver and track marketing messages. These messages are often referred to as “copy”. Effective messages engage, are relevant and above all they convert visitors into buyers. So easy to say and so hard to do.

A True Copy Master – Gary Halbert

There are many good copy writers but relatively few great copy writers. One of the best of all time was a fellow named Gary Halbert. He was and to many still is controversial. Most of what Gary wrote worked. Most copy writers consider Gary’s material to be foundation information that is read often with new insights gleaned with each reading.

One Big Problem

There is only one problem; Gary’s organization of his material made reading his newsletters a nightmare; when he referred to his “last newsletter’ as a reference there was no way to identify which newsletter he was referring to.

Problem Gone

Fortunately the organization puzzle appears to be solved:

Thanks Gary

Almost anyone who has to write in marketing is better off for reading what Gary wrote. I only got to speak with Gary a couple times before he died and always found him to be both fun and helpful.

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