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Prospect Pains


Prospect Pains & Aspirations

The Key to Being Heard & Great Content


  • Too much i.e. cost, money, waste, time, etc.
  • Too little i.e. revenue, profit, time, etc.
  • Governmental compliance
  • Tribe i.e. family, friends, association, group, etc.

Key questions:

  1. What does that make possible?
  2. What is the cost of that?
  3. What bad thing happens if …

Keep asking

To get to the core issue or driver keep asking either What Does That Make Possible or What Bad Thing Happens until there are no more answers.

Ultimate Insight

This exercise will often take you to a surprising destination i.e. what bad thing happens if you don’t make your revenue number may actually be “my kids won’t be proud of me” instead of “the board will yell at me”.

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