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Generate Quality Leads

How to Generate Quality Leads That Sales Will Close

Volume Is Easy – Quality Is Hard!

Almost anybody can generate high volumes of low quality leads – really. Just imagine that you offer a drawing for a new iPad 3. You’ll get lots of leads. Very few will be quality. Your salespeople will laugh.

 Sales Will Follow-Up on Quality Leads

Salespeople who survive long enough to become successful only follow-up on leads they think they can close in time to make their quota each week or month.

Most Marketing Produces Basic Leads

Most marketing departments produce raw, basic leads smart salespeople won’t use. Salespeople who don’t focus on leads that can be closed efficiently (quality leads) don’t last long – they get fired. I know, I sold for 20 years before becoming a marketer.

 Most Leads Are Basic Lead Unless

Most marketing efforts of any kind produce very few quality leads no matter what bait is used to get the target to raise their hands and say “tell me more”… unless those leads are properly nurtured.

 Big Waste

Some say as much as 80% to 90% of the leads marketing generates are a waste because sales doesn’t follow-up. That means that a huge portion of the lead generation budget was wasted.

 Generating Quality Leads

Let’s define a basic “lead” as someone who has indicated somehow that they want your company to “tell them more” about what your offer.  The “tell me more” they want is relevant, engaging and believable information to help them through their buying process. If you give them what they need at an appropriate pace they’ll often gradually transform into a “quality lead” if they are a fit for what you are offering.

This basic “lead” will gradually become a quality lead when they:

  • See you as familiar, credible and trustworthy
  • See you as a real expert in the matters they are concerned with
  • Have proof that you both understand their situation and can solve their problem
  • Be confident that they can work with you, that you won’t disrupt their operation and that you’ll get along well with others

 The Value of a Quality Lead vs. a Basic “Lead”

  •  Salespeople will follow-up on most quality leads
  • The sales cycle is much shorter
  • More salespeople meet or exceed their quota
  • Your relationship with sales is dramatically enhanced
  • You enjoy far more word-of-mouth referrals
  • Price sensitivity is reduced.
  • You fight less competition
  • Your brand is enhanced
  • Your CEO is happy

Nurture is the Key to Quality

Lead nurture is the key to generating quality leads – B2B marketing automation loaded with relevant, engaging and believable content is the key to nurture.

Read about how to nurture using the buying process as your content map or CONTACT US to find out how you can get on the fast track to generating more quality leads for your salespeople.