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Fremont California Operations Leader


Fremont California Operations Leader Wanted

Leader Wanted

Albertson Performance Group, Inc. has a Fremont, CA client who wants to add a operations leader to their organization.

Growing High Tech Manufacturer

This is a small high technology company that builds “Industrial iPads” for use in a wide variety of low volume products where an industrial grade touch control surface is wanted.

Wonderful Niche Opportunity

The company is enjoying strong growth and is in a niche with little competition. The company is owned by the two founders who are still active in the business. The right operations leader is needed to help cope with the steady growth.

Characteristics of the ideal candidate:

  1. Smart
  2. Great people and communication skills
  3. Detail oriented
  4. Good leader – coach
  5. Senior operations experience
  6. Manufacturing experience
  7. Experience working with standards compliance issues
  8. Organization development experience
  9. Strong technology systems experience – knows about most of the software being used
  10. Looking for fulfillment vs. getting rich

This position is open and the need is now.

Compensation will be competitive for jobs of this type. The company has a generous benefit package and treats its people well.

If you are a 100% fit with the list above please send a resume to


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