Marketing Automation Services for
Technology and Service Companies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a virtual business?

A. In our case it means that we bring together resources that we know, like, and trust, to do great work for our clients. Traditional staff members are like one-size-fits-all clothing, in our opinion.

Q. When can we expect to see results?

A. How quickly you get results depends on the program you select. If, for example, you want qualified sales appointments, you will usually see results within two weeks. In this instance, we mean that you will have appointments set with the industries you want and with the titles who can buy what you sell.

Q. When will we see actual revenue?

A. Actual revenue is largely a function of your unique sales cycle. We can shorten the time it takes to connect with your market (that is, get an appointment with a qualified decision-maker) and we can shorten the length of your sales cycle. Typically, we can shorten the time to money in most businesses by as much as 30 percent.

Q. Why do you operate only on a retainer with projects?

A. We have found that true business growth requires a series of improvements. Doing a single project rarely delivers lasting and reliable growth. We are simply not interested in quick hits. They might be profitable in some cases, but we are interested in the long- term growth of our clients.