Leader’s Guide to Marketing Automation

What It Is, How It Works, and Why You Need It

Get the revenue and ROI you expect from Marketing Automation

Leader's Guide to Marketing AutomationIn this easy-to-read report, you’ll get a jargon-free guide to:

  • The seven promises marketing automation makes to its faithful;
  • The 3 essential elements of a successful marketing automation campaign, including the specific role you play in its success;
  • The #1 obstacle you’ll face, and the three things you can do to achieve your goals;
  • Eight specific actions you can take to reduce or completely remove the typical frustrations of a marketing automation implementation;
  • And, a complete CEO checklist for marketing automation – a step-by-step guide to achieving the best possible ROI.

Plus, you’ll learn about the “Waterfall Effect” – responsible for as much as 40% to 70% of your marketing results. We show you the elements of a simple report that gives you a 10-second snapshot into the performance of your marketing automation program. And, we take you through the three major components of marketing automation in every-day language that’s relatively free of industry-jargon.

Did You Know?

A 2011 survey by Gleansight reported that amongst the “A-Team” of businesses who implemented Marketing Automation, their top three challenges were:

  • 79% – Achieving acceptable data quality
  • 69% – Creating enough quality content
  • 66% – Fixing poor marketing processes

You’ll note that NONE of these three challenges have anything to do with the software. Read this report to learn why that is.

“I’m an old school company president, so I was highly skeptical about this marketing automation stuff. I was wrong. It worked for us to the tune of 600% growth in qualified leads since we started the program. This report lays out the ‘Why, what and how’ of marketing automation better than anything I’ve seen to date, and does so in a way my team could actually put into action the next day.”

~ Bill Dann, President, Professional Growth Systems

Includes Complete CEO Checklist