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Make the Leap to Marketing Automation?

Moving Forward with Marketing Automation

Good job.

You’re doing your homework by investigating all aspects of marketing automation before making the decision to plunge into the depths. That’s very smart of you.

Marketing automation is no small commitment. It requires a great deal of preparation and resources to pull it off. Then, when you add in the cost of marketing automation solutions, you’re talking about a significant investment.

Our job isn’t to “get you over the hump” so that you’re doing something that won’t ultimately work for you. Our job is to get you closer to a “Go/No-Go” decision that you can make with confidence.

First, be sure to read the Leader’s Guide to Marketing Automation. It’s going to give you the best foundation for moving forward.

Then, download and take a look at our Marketing Automation Fast Start Blueprint. This will give you an idea of the steps involved in implementing your first marketing automation campaign.


Should you or shouldn’t you bother with marketing automation? Here are some straightforward guidelines that you can use. If you come out the end of this with a clear “No-Go” decision, then we’ll give you a couple of ideas on what you can do. If your clear direction is “GO”, then we suggest that you give us a call.

We’ll explain what we can do, can’t do, will do, and won’t do to help you succeed. And, we’ll give you some clear direction on what to do to get started, even if we don’t work with you.

  • Budget. First, spending several hundred (to several thousand) a month for the marketing automation software must be a no-brainer for you. If it’s a stretch, then you probably don’t have the budget to get the system fully impemented. If this is you, then consider starting smaller with a basic Email system like AWeber. You can get the basic components in place and test your ideas without a large monthly expense.
  • Time. Marketing automation systems take far more time to fully implement than the software providers would have you believe. For example, they say that you don’t need to be a web designer to build a good landing page with their software. That’s ridiculous. Of course you need a good designer, regardless of the capabilities of the system. You’re going to be building landing pages, writing reports, creating videos and assessments, writing dozens of emails, and figuring out how to hook them all together into a cohesive marketing campaign. Plan on a minimum of 8 weeks and close to a thousand person-hours to get your first full campaign up and running.
  • Resources. The saying “garbage in, garbage-out” really applies to marketing automation. Your offer must be extremely enticing, and your subsequent messages, communication, and interactions must be entertaining and relevant to the prospect. You’ll need at least one experienced copywriter, a graphic designer, web designer/coder, project leader, and an experienced marketer who can work with sales and create the core message to market.
  • Politics. What’s your internal political environment like? Marketing automation requires synchronicity between sales and marketing. If you don’t get along with sales, then you’re practically doomed from the start. We can help you to get your goals and processes more closely aligned with your sales team so that they’re actually on your side.
  • Commitment. Marketing automation requires a company-wide commitment to work. Because it impacts every part of your marketing and sales process, and ultimately your company’s bottom line, you need everyone on board with making it work. Again, we can help you to prepare the necessary presentation materials to management and sales that will ensure you get the commitment you need.