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A License to Market without a Clue

How to Get the Ball Rolling with Marketing Automation

We understand that you have a license for a marketing automation platform and that you’re seeking advice and suggestions on how to get started. Hopefully, that’s you.

You can start by downloading a copy of our Marketing Automation Fast Start Blueprint.

This blueprint lays out the actual steps we’d take if we were to work with you on your first marketing automation campaign. We’ll send you a series of Emails that go into each step in more detail because we know that you’ll have questions.

In the mean time…

Getting Sales to Tell You How they Sell Your Products

There are people on your sales team who have taken a prospect from “I don’t need anything new” to buying your products. They can help you understand the thought process a prospect goes through, the questions he or she asks, and the series of roadblocks he must overcome to make the buying decision.

This information is critical to your success for two reasons:

  1. It helps you to achieve your conversion and sales goals…
  2. And, if sales isn’t happy with the leads you’re sending them, your marketing budget (and money and resources for marketing automation) will likely disappear.

Take the following steps as soon as possible because it will help you to lay out your lead nurture campaign, which is decidedly the most challenging aspect of marketing automation. You can use our buying process graphic as a guide.

Meeting setup. Set up a series of meetings with your company’s top sales people – the people in the trenches who are your most productive sales people. Tell them that you’re working on a system to give them higher quality leads who are farther down the sales funnel and will be easier to sell.

Prepare a chart. Any sales process consists of an often lengthy series of “Yeses” to get from beginning to sale. Set up a chart where you’ll identify each “Yes” the prospect makes along their decision path. Hint: These become the foundation for your lead nurture series.

Complete the chart. Sit with your sales people – preferably with two or three at once. Take them through the buying process, asking for each stage in the process:

  • To what do prospects need to say “Yes” in order to get past this stage?
  • What questions need to be answered?
  • What do they get out of saying “No” at this point?
  • Why do they say “Yes”?

What you’re looking for is a lively conversation, where you’re playing the role of “The Closer.” Do your best to dig deep because that’s where the really juicy marketing stuff is. For example, if the sales person says, “They say yes because they trust me,” you’re basically being told to back off and stay out of their territory.

Use some clever psychology: “Of course no machine can build that same kind of trust. You’re right. We want to make your job easier, so what do you think we can say or do that might at least develop a level of trust where they’re excited to talk with you?”

The key to getting sales’ full cooperation is to tell them how you’re going to make them rich and successful beyond their wildest dreams. You’re not “helping” them because they don’t want or need your help. You’re simply going to do some things that will make them more money.

Try it and let us know how it goes.

Marketing Automation Fast Start Blueprint