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Market Domination

Don’t Just Sell Products… Dominate Your Market

Jonathan More, President of Reach Technology admits that he didn’t used to give marketing much thought. They made products their customers wanted, and most new business came to them by referral.

Reach’s growth was modest, with some good years and some not-so-good years. They stay in business, but as Jonathan says, “We never really had the confidence that we would be around for the long term.”

Quite honestly, Jonathan’s experience is the norm for companies of his size. Like most engineering-oriented companies, they felt that all they had to do was build a better product and they’d get enough customers to stay in business.

So did Sony when they came out with BetaMax.

Jonathan changed his mind about marketing after we started bringing him new customers. In the last four years he’s seen his monthly sales grow by over 600%, while he’s simultaneously seen his company become the preeminent “Thought Leader” for his industry.

The results of market domination instead of simply making good products and hoping for the best astounded Jonathan More, as we hope it will you.

Become a thought leader. Dominate your market. You won’t just sell more products — you’ll become a sought-after leader who can represent both your company and your industry, paving the way for even greater growth in years to come.

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