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9 Reasons To Use Marketing Automation

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9 Reasons to Use Marketing Automation

1.  Marketing Accountability – you will be able to see how each investment performed.

2.  Automate Marketing Process – automation does some aspects of marketing better, faster and cheaper than people can such as sending sequential emails, changing lists, responding to requests for content. Marketing automation can easily do some things people can’t do at all like keep communication with 500,000 different people and companies straight at all times.

3.  Better Metrics and Reports – reports provide better strategic and tactical value when they are instantly available, accurate, reliable and in the right format.

4.  Generate More and Better Qualified Leads – Because of marketing automation’s ability to interact with more prospects than is possible manually and to do so methodically and consistently marketing automation is unique in its ability to generate more and better qualified leads.

5.  Make Your Website a Lead Generation Engine – Marketing automation enables your website to be a lead generation engine by letting you know who is visiting your website, recording what a prospect does when they visit, automatically communicating with the prospect according to what they do on your website and letting your sales team know when a visitor has behaved on your website like a prospect who is ready to buy.

6.  Measuring and Increasing the Effectiveness of Marketing – knowing what is working and what isn’t is the key to effective testing. Effective testing is the key to improving the effectiveness of your marketing. Marketing automation makes this possible and relatively easy.

7.  Running and Optimizing Multi-Channel Campaigns – the right marketing automation platform will “catch” all the responses from any tracked campaign using any media or channel and automatically take the next action to move them through the buying process.

8.  Doing More With Less – Marketing automation can do with two people what a manual operation will take six to ten people to do in many cases. In many cases marketing automation will allow you to perform marketing that no amount of people could perform manually at any price.

9.  Deepen Relationships With Customers – Marketing automation allows you to stay synchronized with peoples evolving interests and needs in ways that are nearly impossible to achieve on any scale manually.

What is the biggest reason to use marketing automation?

Because it is difficult to compete without it.

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