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B2B Marketing Automation CEO Report

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B2B Marketing Automation CEO Report

The CEO Performance and progress report – this is a simple b2b marketing automation progress report will show you and warn you about progress leading to revenue and ROI. The key concept of this report is to give you easy and simple visibility to the effectiveness of your marketing automation driven campaigns. This report covers the following measures:

  1. Total available market quantity (TAM)
  2. Qualified market quantity (QUAL)
  3. Key player coverage quantity (KP)
  4. Responder quantity (RESP)
  5. Marketing qualified lead quantity (MQL)
  6. Sales qualified lead quantity (SQL)
  7. Sales accepted lead quantity (SAL)
  8. Opportunity quantity (OPPS)
  9. Proposal quantity (PROP)
  10. Win quantity (WIN)
  11. Revenue (REV)
  12. Percent of plan achievement (% P)

This report is easy to prepare for both marketing and sales while being easy for the CEO to quickly get a read on what’s going on and if progress is being made. Nuanced interpretation takes a bit of discussion with most CEO’s quickly mastering the subtleties and implications required to make effective decisions and lead.

Most b2b marketing automation platforms have a dizzying array of valuable reports – some CEO’s use them, many don’t simply due to complexity. The report seems to get high marks from busy leaders.

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