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B2B Marketing Automation; Expert or Consultant?

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B2b Marketing Automation; Expert or Consultant?

Your Lucky Day

Imagine the CEO of your company has decided to increase revenue and decrease costs using marketing automation and you are the one chosen to do it. You do a Google search for “B2B Marketing Automation Consultant” and set up several appointments for the following week with representatives from b2b marketing automation companies.

Two Approaches

Four of the consultants try to pick your brain about the company, your goals, your staff and your budget; you learn nothing new. One talks to you about your industry,  what b2b marketing automation will and won’t do for you and what you’ll need to do to succeed; you now see the world with new eyes.

Align or Lead?

The first four were trying to align with you. By contrast the other was leading you. Both listened and both asked questions. Which approach makes you feel like you are in good hands?

Expert vs. Consultant

You experienced two approaches. The first four are consultants that want to align with you and co-create the path ahead. The second, the expert helped you see your world more clearly and a showed you a direct line of sight to success.

 On Your Own

Left to your own devices or walking along side of an alignment oriented consultant you will only go as far as your shared vision.

Being Led

You can get somewhere you previously couldn’t imagine and in ways you couldn’t see.

Wander vs. Assess

The consultant has you co-lead the often unstructured discovery. The expert takes you through a structured assessment. It’s confusing because both “listen”. At the end the consultant summarizes whereas the expert shows you where you stand in contrast to what’s possible in your business, with your budget, with your staff, and with your goals.

Could vs. Must

The consultant co-creates with you about what you could do to succeed while the expert tells you what you must do to succeed. One drives certainty while the other drives and often sustains ambiguity.

Next Steps

The consultant co-creates those whereas the expert provides you with a map and a schedule with due dates and accountabilities.

Take Away

Time spent with the consultant makes you feel understood while time with the expert educates, enhances and challenges. The consultant learned from you while you learned from the expert.


The consultant asked you the questions while the expert told you which question you should ask.

A Matter of Balance

The best situation is a blend of consultant and expert. Too much consultant and you don’t get anywhere. Too much expert and you feel out of control.

What Makes Sense For You

Which person do you want your b2b marketing automation company to send to meet with you? There is no right or wrong here. Sometimes a bit of wandering may be in order given how you learn. Other times a straight line is what is needed. Your task is to see and choose the blend that is right for you.

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