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Marketing Automation Failure?

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Marketing Automation Keys to Success?

Using marketing automation to engage with and close more profitable customers is a great plan unless you lack the time and expertise to make it achieving its full potential a reality. Marketing Sherpa 2012 Benchmark report suggests the following hurdles stand between marketing and success:

-Lack of resources in staffing, budgeting or time: 62%

-Lack of ability to stop executing and think strategically: 39%

-Limited ability to develop content: 35%

-Lack of sufficient insight on target audience: 32%

-Lack of alignment between sales and marketing: 31%

-Lack of reliable data to drive decisions: 31%

-Lack of clear value proposition: 25%

The Key – Avoid Primary Points of Failure

Industry insiders suggest the primary failure points in marketing automation are:

  1. Content strategy, plans and creating enough quality content to compete
  2. Acquiring and managing the critical target market data
  3. Project management to reduce time-to-money and assure success

A Dream Team

Industry consensus seems to be that having a diverse team of marketing automation, sales, copywriting, data, and web experts orchestrated for you takes the risk out of implementing a marketing automation program… and best  if when outsourced to experts willing to give you the option of gradually taking it over to run on your own if you wish.

With the right help you can enjoy:

  • Generating more, higher quality leads that close much faster
  • Growing revenue and profit
  • Reducing cost of sales

Accomplish these goals by:

  1. Creating clear objectives, performance goals and metrics
  2. Facilitating alignment with these objectives and goals
  3. Improving the sales and marketing relationship

And, through:

  1. Clear, detailed content strategy and plans
  2. Data, segmentation and precise targeting of leads
  3. Calm, competent and expert orchestration of the program

Done Right – Inspired People

Ideally your outsourced experts will make your  people feel respected, be encouraged,feel  inspired and be  in action as  your marketing automation system get into high gear. If your vendor can’t do that it’s likely that the negative impact of the natural resistance will negate the expertise and you’ll have spent your money for little gain.

Every situation is different

Sometimes you’ll need lots of help to start or maybe just a bit of support here and there. The core point is that getting expert help to avoid the major points of failure early is, in my experience, the key to a successful marketing  automation implementation no matter who the platform vendor is.

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