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A Marketing Automation Surprise for Some

Eloqua at #1 is no surprise. InfusionSoft at #2 will surprise some because of all the noise Marketo makes. When my inner geek comes out it begs for Eloqua.

Love Marketo

Don’t get me wrong… I love Marketo. I’ve installed Eloqua far more often but Marketo is still Cool!


I’ve both used it and installed it. InfusionSoft is different for one very important reason; small businesses use it. These businesses live and die daily by how well they use InfusionSoft. Sure, they don’t have that many twitter followers… that’s because their users are working their butts off to survive. And Infusi0nSoft is very good software for marketing automation. If you can live without all the noise, content and twitter chatter they are a very good bet if your primary purpose is to make money.

Source: via Deanne on Pinterest

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