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3 Marketing Automation Readiness Points; #1 of 11

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Readiness; #1 of 11

Goals & Objectives

This is the first of 11 segments of a  marketing automation readiness checklist.

Goals and Objectives – Do you have goals and objectives for the marketing automation program?Goals & Objectives

What Bad Thing Can Happen if You Don’t: Everyone will have their own idea of what the program should do.

Revenue Plan – Do you know how much data you need to produce the revenue your goals call for?

What Bad Thing Can Happen if You Don’t: You don’t know how much data and activity it will take to achieve your revenue goal, it is difficult to budget and staff.

Budget – Has an initial budget been established? Have ROI objectives been established?

What Bad Thing Can Happen if You Don’t:  Without a budget and an ROI objective you are operating blind.

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