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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation, and why do I need it?

Market to Message Match

Marketing automation gets the right information to the right prospects and customers at the right time. This is useful because marketing automation can do this better, faster and cheaper than a manual process (what most of your competitors are doing today).

Supports Effective Sales Lead Generation

Marketing Automation also helps you reach more people and move them along in the buying process quickly. Essentially you automation telling people what they want to know so they can buy from you. We call this the “market to message match”. This is the heart of effective sales lead generation.

Supports the Buying Process

Today, to effectively compete must communicate with potential clients at every stage of the awareness, exploration,  research and buying cycle, while providing information specific to their needs, role, objectives and interest level. Marketing automation does this; it supports the buying process automatically.

SaaS is What They Call It

Marketing automation is usually a “Software as a service” utility; it is software accessed using the internet. You won’t have a computer in your company running this software.

CRM Link

Marketing automation usually is linked with a “customer relationship management” program like or Microsoft Dynamics. This allows for automatic delivery of leads and other relevant information to the prospect. The CRM link is important because it is how the CEO, management, sales, customer service and everyone else see’s the prospects and customers. Without CRM marketing automation software is a bit of a black box that nobody can see into.

 Why you may want Marketing Automation:

  • See measurable marketing results and ROI
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Reports, information and control
  • Better revenue and profitability
  • Higher quality and more Leads
  • Improve marketing efficiency
  • Increase close rates
  • Improve marketing sales alignment
  • Increase the ROI and quota attainment for sales

Why is Marketing Automation Important?

For the same reason, for most businesses, that using computers in your business is important; you probably can’t stay competitive without it in most markets.

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