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Portland, Oregon B2B Marketing Automation Consultant

Local marketing and B2B  marketing automation consultant has a passion for results for Oregon small and medium businesses.

B2B Marketing automation seems to make particular sense for Oregon small and medium businesses from my perspective. Most residents of Oregon are here for both a great lifestyle and good business. Having traveled the nation for 25 years doing marketing work I’ve learned first hand just how different Oregon business really is; it seems many here want it all… and often get it. You can contact us here: or by calling 503-635-2319

And B2B Marketing Automation Relates How?

Done right b2b marketing automation reduces cost, allows growth without corresponding growth in staff or agency fee’s, and delivers more and better customers. Everyone involved gets the job done and leaves the office in time to enjoy their families in the playground called Oregon.

Oregon B2B Marketing Automation Consultant

Marketing automation software is typically a web based service. That means as a b2b marketing automation consultant I could live anywhere. My business background has allowed me to visit every major US city at least 2-3 times and some like New York, Houston, Chicago and Atlanta more than a dozen times. All truly great cities. I still always came home to Oregon and here I will stay. While I could do b2b marketing automation anywhere I’ll never find a better place than Portland, Oregon for me and my family.

A B2B Marketing Automation Mission

One component of our mission is to help Oregon small and medium businesses enjoy the growth that b2b marketing automation allows AND the lifestyle benefits it makes possible. The secret of b2b marketing automation is that it doesn’t just automate. It also provides the structure and the imperative to nail down a value proposition, build out the conversations you want with your prospects and clients, build the content to support the buying process and commit it to a system.


Some businesses grow despite themselves. Nothing wrong about that except that it makes you vulnerable; if you are not completely clear on how you became successful it may be tough to get back on track when you suffer a set-back.  B2B marketing automation provides a framework, structure and mindset to move that success to being “deliberate” and more importantly “repeatable”.

Garbage in…

If you put garbage in (poor messages, foggy value proposition, poor differentiation, etc.) you’ll get garbage out – The thing is many businesses have no real feedback mechanism to know if what they are putting out is helping or hurting. Is it garbage or is it gold? Marketing automation gives you the ability to quickly know if the value proposition, messages, content and differentiation are working or not. Now you can know if that bump in sales was the radio ad, the direct mail, banner ad or email.

Nationwide and local

We have helped companies grow in many states. Today we stick to the pacific time zone. Three of our team members live in Oregon and One is in Seattle. Our clients tend to be somewhere between B.C. and the Bay Area. We learned our skills working nationwide and today are only focused on the west coast and pacific time zone. The key point is that there is a Portland, Oregon B2B Marketing Automation Consultant out there that can give you national caliber results from a local resource.

Just talking about it

If you want to explore enhancing both your Oregon lifestyle and your business growth we can sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea while you ask whatever questions you might have about B2B Marketing Automation. A key discussion point is  the implication for you and your business of adopting b2b marketing automation. We find once you understand what is really involved, the typical timing of getting an ROI and what life is like after it is up and running you’ll know if it is right for you. For some companies it is not the right thing to do. For others it is probably a minimum to stay competitive in the current year.

Oregon for the Long Haul

If we talk it won’t be to talk you into anything. Portland Oregon is home. When the people and the business are healthy its a better home. If doing something like this makes sense we’ll tell you our opinion. If it doesn’t we’ll tell you that as well. If its mixed… For us its really about being part of the thing that makes Oregon a special place to live and do business.

You can contact us here: or by calling 503-635-2319

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