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When and Why to Use Automated Marketing Systems

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When and Why You May Want Marketing Automation

Here are a few questions that one of our colleagues recently asked. We thought they were good questions that deserved quality answers.

These questions aren’t that uncommon, and could represent some of the greatest resistance to automated marketing systems. Here are his questions:

As the CEO, why do I care about how my marketing and sales efforts are executed? Don’t I have people that do that?

If my people can do it manually and deliver on all the things I care about…great. Why, then would I need to automate the process?

When it Makes Sense to use Automated Marketing Systems

Marketing automation, or automated marketing systems aren’t for everyone. Small businesses can usually do just fine with a basic Email system, if they use anything at all.

Retail businesses can see some benefit, but might be better off focusing on social networking and standard advertising.

Mid-market and larger B2B businesses with long sales cycles are those who will gain the most from implementing a fully automated marketing system.

Now, let’s try to answer the above questions.

Why Care About How Marketing & Sales is Done?

Why would you care about how your marketing and sales efforts are executed?

Let me answer that question with another: You own a car, but you’re not a mechanic. Why would you care how the mechanic maintains your car?

For one, you’d care if it cost more to maintain your car than you’d like. The mechanic takes too long, uses inferior parts, or takes short cuts because he’s got too much to do.

Secondly, if the mechanic does a “satisfactory” job that keeps your car running, but reduces the life of your car, you’d care. Wouldn’t you?

You care about how your marketing and sales efforts are executed because you care about growing your business as efficiently as possible. You want to increase revenue, reduce expenses, and increase (not decrease) the life of your business.

Your customers are no different. If buying from you competitor is easier than buying from you, then they’ll go with what’s easier. If your competitors are more interactive and provide more helpful information during their research and exploratory phase, then your customers will buy from them – not you!

You care because you’re a leader. Leaders don’t delegate and then shirk their responsibilities. They lead, and that’s what you do.

If Manual Process Work, then Why Consider Automated Marketing?

If you’re reading this, then I have to assume you at least have some questions about whether or not what you’re doing is working. It may be that your manual marketing and sales processes are “doing the job.”

Do you, or don’t you want to increase your profit? If automated systems weren’t more efficient than manual methods, then we’d still be building cars by hand and there’s be no use for robots in manufacturing or medicine.

The question really comes down to whether or not you want to ruffle any feathers, and not if “automated marketing systems work.”

Your sales people will say that no computer software could ever replace them. Interesting… do they use smart phones, Email, text messaging or even an iPad?

Your marketing people will say that “automated marketing systems don’t work.” Sure they do. MarketingSherpa, MarketingProfs, and others have run numerous tests that show dramatic increases in net sales and equal reductions in marketing and sales costs by using automated marketing tactics and systems.

It’s a matter of deciding to break through the status quo to make improvements. Yes it works. No, it’s not for everyone, and we’ll tell you if marketing automation isn’t right for you.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation

This is just a short list of the benefits of marketing automation, and partially answers the question, Why use automated marketing systems?”

  • See measurable marketing results and ROI
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Reports, information and control
  • Better revenue and profitability
  • Higher quality and more Leads
  • Improve marketing efficiency
  • Increase close rates
  • Improve marketing sales alignment
  • Increase the ROI and quota attainment for sales

Why is Marketing Automation Important?

For the same reason that using computers in your business is important: you probably can’t stay competitive without it in most markets. The bottom line is that IF marketing automation makes sense for your business and industry, then you’d better embrace it or get left in the dust by your competition who HAS embraced automated marketing systems.

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