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Marketing Automation Consulting

Marketing Automation Consulting

Increase Revenue While Decreasing Cost of Sales and Marketing

Most of our clients initially contact us because they want to attract more high-quality leads, get sales appointments they can close, and want to remain to-of-mind for existing and new customers.

“Quite honestly,” they tell us, “marketing often feels like a crap shoot. We can’t afford to keep experimenting with different tactics and strategies. We need to increase revenue without increasing costs.”

Somewhere along they way, they hear that “Marketing Automation” can solve their problems. Either they attended a Webinar by one of the marketing automation companies, or they read about it in a magazine.

So, they get a monthly subscription to the marketing automation software, and someone from marketing is “assigned” the task of implementing the system.

That’s where things begin to break down for three main reasons:

  1. Marketing automation systems are complex…
  2. They require a significant amount of “data” (leads) to get the cost-benefit…
  3. And, marketing automation systems need a constant supply of content to get the desired results.

In short, marketing automation requires a great deal more expertise and effort than most companies bargain for when they start down the path.

We encourage you to read our CEO Guide to the Minefield of Marketing Automation, where you’ll gain a deep understanding of what it is, how it works, and what you need to do to ensure success.

Marketing Automation Consulting and Implementation From A to Z

Albertson Performance Group provides marketing automation consulting to help companies increase revenue and ROI while decreasing costs. In marketing automation consulting experience matters.

Our team is led by Eric Albertson, a nationally known marketing automation and sales expert. Eric and his team have experience in Eloqua, Marketo, Act-on, Manticore, HubSpot and We have helped some the largest companies in the world down to some very small companies succeed in marketing, marketing automation, lead generation, database marketing and above all revenue generation.

Cory Klatt is our technology guru. Sid Smith is our content and copy magician. David Levesque is our sales genius. Together we have been producing results for our clients and employers for decades.

Reduce Costs, Deliver More Quality Leads, Close Sales Faster

Marketing automation’s success is due to its track record of dropping costs while delivering more high-quality leads. There is a combinination of factors involved in your success that include the things you do well before you buy any software, write any copy, or put up any web pages.

This up-front work is absolutely critical to your success. Knowing WHAT to do and when is just as important as getting the day-to-day work accomplished. Again, we outline these factors in our CEO Guide to Marketing Automation.

The next step, still before you get into the marketing automation system, is to ensure that you will be able to drive a sufficient number of qualified leads into your system to get the results you need. This is the “data” component, and without having this piece in place, you will most defininitely fail.

Finally, you’ll use the marketing automation system to capture leads, do lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead segmentation, and integrate it all with your CRM system to bring only “buy-ready” prospects to your sales team.

To help you achieve success with Marketing Automation, we offer the following services:

Marketing Automation Software selection – with our help you can reduce your costs up to 40% or more while getting the right solution for your situation.

Marketing Automation Adoption — We’ll help you fill in all the blanks, including laying out the plan, creating forms and landing pages, writing the copy and creating the content, generating effective email messages, and integrating it with your CRM system. Whatever it takes to succeed with marketing automation, we’ll do… and, we’ll completly remove the dread and overwhelm that inevitably happens when you get your first look at the system.

Demand Generation Consulting — We have decades of success generating leads in technology, software, engineering, medical devices, professional service and software as a service. We use a proprietary (and very tricky) system we developed to identify highly-targeted leads for almost any industry.

Lead Nurturing Consulting — Lead nurturing is both an art and a science. You want to move prospects toward becoming a customer without pushing them away, and without boring them into submission. Defining your lead nurturing sequence and process is an essential step, as a seat-of-the-pants approach will give you seat-of-the-pants results. You want leads that sales will eagerly follow-up on and can close quickly.

Lead Qualification, Lead Scoring and Lead Management Consulting — What do you do with leads? Your goal isn’t to create a massive list of leads. It’s to get sales, both with existing customers and from new customers. This happens through a dynamic and well-defined lead qualifification, lead scoring and lead management program. Ignoring this facet of marketing automation is a sure-fire way to alienate the sales team.

Marketing and Sales Alignment – Helping these two groups work together is the secret ingredient to high performing marketing automation programs. Our proprietary process makes this possible.

Sales Conversion Consulting – Can you convert leads into sales? If not, do you know why? We can give you valuable insights on how to more quickly and effectively turn those marketing automation leads into revenue.

Marketing Automation Operations — Once your program is performing to your expectations, we can teach your people to take it over. Or, we can keep operating it for you. We’ll help you come to the best and most profitable conclusion.

Lead Management & Marketing Automation Strategy — Clients love our marketing action plan. This plan covers both strategy and the required tactics or actions. Starting with your existing lead management strategy, we’ll provide options and suggestions on how to get more leads, strengthen your sales pipeline, grow revenue and report the impact of the Marketing Automation Program to senior management.

Marketing Automation Vendors

All marketing automation platforms function on the same theme with each having their own variations. It’s those variations that make one better over another for you. We can quickly guide you to the best 2 or three for your situation. We don’t get paid by any vendor so our recommendations have only your best interest in mind.

Albertson Performance Group, Inc. has the expertise to do marketing automation consulting for all major marketing automation platforms:







Alsa Marketing


Marketing Pilot

CRM Integration

We also have the experience to integrate the related CRM platforms such as, Microsoft Dynamics and all of the other plug-ins used to round out the utility of each platform.

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