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When Marketing Automation Doesn’t Work

How to Fix What Seems to Be Broken

You indicated that you have had access to a marketing automation system for some time, but you have yet to fully realize the benefits.

Without talking with you in person (which we’d be happy to do, by the way), we’d have to make our best guess as to why you’re not seeing results.

First , we encourage you to download our Marketing Automation Checklist.

Then, you might want to look at our Marketing Automation Fast Start Blueprint, where we lay out our own process for implementing your first marketing automation campaign.

For now, though, you would probably like some answers, and for that we highly recommend immersing yourself in this post about….

The Possible Causes of Marketing Automation “Failure”

We’d be more than happy to talk with you about your current situation. There are many areas in which we can help:

  • Getting a firm commitment from management for resources
  • Synchronizing your goals and processes with your sales team
  • Creating the “perfect” message to market
  • Building your lead database
  • Designing your lead nurturing campaign
  • Writing all your content – special report, videos, articles, Emails, etc.

We work by a “BOT” – Build – Operate – Transfer approach. We can build your campaign, operate it until it’s producing the results you want, and then teach you how to build on the momentum we created. Or, if you like, we’ll simply work with you to DIY – do it yourself.