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Better Marketing Lists

Build a Bigger and Better List

Want a bigger and better sales and marketing database?

Drive Sales

We help with advanced database marketing strategies and insights that drive sales.

Your Most Important Asset

Your most important asset: The right prospect and customer database. Some say its responsible for 40% to 70% of  b2b lead generation campaign results!

B2B Marketing Database

B2B marketing or sales professionals know that a good prospect and customer database is their most important asset. Marketing automation, CRM and good lead management help turn volume into quality and quality leads into sales. If your sales and marketing database isn’t all it could be we’ll:

  • Help you build a database of targets that look like your ideal customers.
  • Help you map key buying influences and get their contact information into your data.
  • Help you determine their buying stage for what you sell; awareness (early), consideration (middle) and transaction (late).
  • Help you keep your data clean, maintained and ready to work for you.
  • Help you profile your database and add key player contacts.
  • Help you use your data in your CRM and marketing automation platform to full advantage.
  • Help you fill in the gaps with the right vendors and technologies.
  • Make sure you have all the data attributes you need for effective segmentation and innovative campaigns.

We’ve done this for companies like Microsoft, American Express, Dell, Symbol Technologies, Sonosite Ultrasound and dozens of smaller but less well known but equally committed to leveraging their data.

“Initially we couldn’t believe that we were missing as much niche market opportunity as Eric suggested we were. As it turned out, he was understating what he could do for us; at first there was some skepticism about what Eric was telling us… Eric delivered on what he promised and he also gave us a new way of looking at things that we will leverage for years to come.”

- Tony Gangemi, Symbol Technologies

Make Data Decisions From a Basis of Fact 

Our marketing and sales database assessment and analysis can help you see what you’ve got, what’s working best and what you are missing to maximize your market potential. For example, if you don’t both have your key buying influences mapped and have their contact data in your database you are likely missing a huge portion of your market opportunity.

Rocket Fuel

Great data is like rocket fuel in the engine of b2b marketing automation and CRM. The right marketing data will enable your campaigns to be more relevant and engaging to more people. In our experience this translates into more revenue.

Our rule of thumb is; data builds campaigns and campaigns build data.