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Marketing and Sales Alignment

Poor Alignment in B2B Marketing Automation

The Cost of Poor Alignment

In my 20 years in high technology sales marketing never talked to me or sent me a single lead. They did lots of brand advertising that had nothing to do with why my customers bought. As far as I can tell my marketing department wasted the entire budget that was intended to impact my area of the business. At the very least millions were wasted and millions of opportunity cost were incurred by this profound lack of marketing and sales alignment.

Value of Solid Alignment

Aberdeen 2010 study, “Sales and Marketing Alignment: Collaboration + Cooperation = Peak Performance,” by Senior Research Analyst Chris Houpis’ indicates that well aligned organizations perform significantly better; annual revenue up 47 percent compared to the least aligned companies.

Commitment to the Alignment Process

Everyone involved must be committed to the goal and benefits of marketing and sales alignment if success is to be achieved. The greatest danger to this type of work is when individuals appear to other group members as being more committed to being right instead of the goal and more committed to telling instead of listening.

Facilitate & Enable Using This Outline:

  1. Agree on the goals – get them in writing using the SMART outline.
  2. Include all of the stakeholders – gain executive sponsorship. on definition of terms – especially “alignment” – “wisdom begins with a definition of terms” – Socrates.
  3. Get everyone complete
  4. Agree on steps to both achieve and maintain alignment.
  5. Negotiate the first draft of the points of alignment.
  6. Assign accountabilities and time lines.
  7. Remember – don’t expect too much from technology; at best it is neutral.
  8. Drive for dialog vs. discussion (dialog exchanges views and seek understanding whereas discussion seeks to have one’s point of view prevail).
  9. Measure and Report – Opinions fuel arguments while measurement ends them.
  10. Schedule to have marketing and alignment meetings weekly.
  11. Keep minutes of major topics, agreements and commitments. Make the minutes an attachment to the report.

Sales & Marketing Alignment Project

We have backgrounds in marketing and sales as well as organizational development. We are experts at gaining marketing and sales alignment. This can be a standalone project or part of a larger b2b marketing automation engagement.

CONTACT US if you would like to discuss the possibility of getting help to benefit from better marketing and sales alignment in your company.