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Newsletter Topic Categories:

  1. Market position — How attractive is your value proposition? Where do you stand in relation to your competitive set? How do your current customers and target markets perceive your strengths and weaknesses?
  2. Marketing engine — Do you have the systems in place to earn top-of-mind awareness, generate leads, command price and close deals?
  3. Market research — What is the market really hungry for? What combination of features and price will it take to win? Which is the best segment to market to? How fast will one segment buy, versus another segment? Where should you invest your marketing dollars? Know these things when your competitors don’t, and you can literally own your market.
  4. Sales strength — How well do your salespeople or business development professionals perform? Our validated survey will tell you the complete story and allow you to map out a plan for success.
  5. Performance support — How well does your business support your marketing, sales and related functions to deliver value to your target market(s).
  6. Technology foundation — Does your business have the technology and automation foundation necessary to be highly- efficient, responsive and effective? How this is handled or not handled can be the difference between great success and being an also-ran.
  7. Leadership and coaching — How well do you set the vision (and then, get your people into action — and keep them in action, to realize that vision)? How well do you coach marketing, sales and business development? Often the fastest way to increased revenue is the right coaching at the right time.

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