Marketing Automation Services for
Technology and Service Companies

Portland Marketing Consultant

Portland Marketing Consultant

Are You Looking For A Portland, OR Based Marketing Consultant?

You May Have Come To The Right Spot If…

  • You are involved in services, technology or engineering
  • You sell to businesses and not consumers
  • You sell something your prospects have to think about before they buy
  • You are committed to revenue growth
  • You want to be able to pick and choose who you do business with
  • You want a consultant that focuses on sales results and high ROI for your investment
  • You want to deal with marketing and sales experts; people who have done this for years
  • You don’t want to talk to anyone who is going to try to SELL you on what they do
  • You want someone who will listen, learn and collaborate to help you grow your business
  • You want to work with one of the business owners

Is This You?

If this sounds like you then you might find a casual conversation or tour of our website to be worth your time.

National Experience and Performance Focused in Portland, OR

Our clients come from all over the country and sell all over the world but we live in Portland and Seattle.

Why Do They Say That?

Most of our clients will tell you that we are essentially free. Why do they say that? We certainly charge for our services. In fairly short order we cover our costs and help achieve a nice return-on-investment. Our clients typically stay with us for 3-5 years and many can hardly remember when we cost more than we delivered. In some cases we become “free” month one and others its month 3,5,7 or beyond depending on the scope of the program. Sooner or later all of our clients view us as either “free” or at least a very good deal.

You can contact us here: or by calling 503-635-2319

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