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Problem – Price Competition

Successful Value Pricing

Problem – Price Competition

Your organization excels in your market. You are highly-valued by your clients. The problem is that, on paper more and more competitors claim to do everything you do. Some even sound better, even though you suspect that it just isn’t true. What can you do?

As the old saying goes in sales, “In the absence of other relavent information, all decisions default to price.”  If your market can see your difference, and they value that difference, they’ll usually pay for that difference.

At APG7  we help you understand your value and get paid for that value. Positioned correctly, your offer will serve an urgent need, have few suststitutes, be proven effective, and be specific to the target market. In other words, we’ll help you make your offer seem like an ice-cold drink of water on a hot day in the desert.

“By implementing the principles Albertson Performance Group Inc.(APG) teaches I was able to nearly triple my average sale and increase revenues by 144% in one year (without increasing the amount of work!). APG is the real deal and worth ten times what I paid Them”

Barbara Wright – President, Barbara Wright Design, Nashville, TN

“Albertson Performance Group, Inc. showed us the true value of the results we deliver for our clients and got us to believe in and insist on our true worth. Initially, we pressed the envelope 25%, then on to 50% more than we had done in the past. Once we got the hang of it and had some success, we landed one deal worth nearly our entire annual revenue in our previous and best year ever, with better margins and a delighted client”

Bill Dann, President Professional Growth Systems, Anchorage, AK


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