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Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation

The Problem With Most Leads

Risk, in our experience, is the big issue with lead generation services. Typically you invest:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Your Reputation
  • Your Brand

And often you get few if any qualified leads along with  a bunch of hassle and excuses to go with your embarrassment at having wasted your money.

What We Think You Want

Many, maybe most service firms have invested all of the above and not gotten any qualified appointments. By qualified we mean:

  • The lead asked to be contacted for a sales discussion vs. getting talked into it
  • They were in the right industry
  • They had the right title
  • They had access to the funds for the purchase
  • They had a reasonable time line to buy
  • They showed up for the appointment
  • The sales or business development people smile

What We Offer – Four Options

  1. A Custom B2B Lead Generation System – This is either the Sixty Days to New Business model or a custom model. You will own this model and eventually you’ll run it. This will provide your lowest average cost per closed lead.
  2. Qualified Appointment-Scheduled – leads deliver clients a qualified sales appointment with a targeted company. These appointments are scheduled directly on behalf of your sales organization. Each scheduled appointment will be with a prospect that has acknowledged their pain and documented a desire for a meeting to learn more about your products and services.
  3. Custom-Qualified Appointment-Scheduled – leads  deliver fully-qualified appointments to your team. Targeted prospects will fit the qualifying criteria requested, up to and including such things as: titles, pains, budget and timeline. All appointments are fully documented and transferred to your CRM solution, along with call recordings and a full transcription supporting the custom qualification.
  4. Appointment Ready – members of your target market who have raised their hands and said “tell me more” – you make your own appointment with appointment ready.

To find out more about APG7’s work in this capability area, please contact us.