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Problem – Profitability

If The Cash Don't Flow The Answer Is No

The Path To Profit

Most of us are just too close to see the profit leaks in our own businesses. If we see them, it’s sometimes hard to take the actions required to change. Here are some of the areas that impact profit:

  • Proper pricing
  • Project scope creep
  • Expenses
  • Compensation packages that don’t work well
  • Expectation setting
  • Tolerating poor profit performance from a “star” sales or business development person
  • Investing where return is unlikely
  • Not understanding which investments really drive performance
  • Spending too much or too little on sales and business development
  • Spending too much or too little on marketing
  • Technology
  • “Pet” consultants that don’t deliver real value
  • Losing staff to resignation
  • No common vision or goals
  • Confusion between possibilities and opportunities
  • A million other leaks

The Profit Audit

Our profit audit can usually improve profit by at least 5 percent. The process is simple, fast, and effective. In many businesses there is no faster way to give the bottom line a bump.

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