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Problem – Sales Performance

The Roadblocks Are Often Hidden

The Road To Sales Performance

Step #1: What Are The Roadblocks?

When sales performance is poor, there are always reasons. The problem is that it is usually very hard to see those reasons, because:

  • Someone is usually unwilling to do what must be done
  • Someone is usually unable to do what must be done

We start with a scientifically-validated survey of each sales or business development person, to determine:

  • Their specific roadblocks
  • Whether the roadblocks can be changed
  • Should we attempt to train and coach?
  • If we train and coach, will they improve?
  • By what percentage will they improve?
  • When will they improve?
  • Should we try to keep them?


Step #2: We’ve Got the Team, So What’s The Plan?

If you get the following right, improvements in sales and business development are usually the result:

  • The right compensation plan
  • A good sales process
  • Appropriate training
  • Consistent sales coaching
  • An adequate CRM or SFA
  • Regular communication between marketing and sales, at all levels
  • A regular flow of leads that sales and business development people believe they can close
  • A lead nurture program
  • Great sales tools
  • Accountability for results
  • A rational quota

All of that is easy to list, but it’s a challenge, particularly for most service-oriented businesses. We can help!

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