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Technology and Service Companies

Problem – Top-Of-Mind-Awareness

They Call Those They Remember

When the need arises, will we get the call?

You will, if:

  • They recognize your logo
  • They know who you serve
  • They know what you do
  • They know of your results
  • They know why you are different
  • They believe you are worth more than what you cost
  • They know you are true experts and can be trusted

It’s Your Deal To Lose

Establishing top-of-mind-awareness means when your ideal client has a problem that you solve, you get the call. Not only that, but you get called for the right reason. When you engage, the prospect is already clear on your value and it’s apparent that the deal is yours to lose.

APG7 helps clients establish and maintain top-of-mind-awareness so that when the moment of need comes, you get the call and you get it for the right reasons.

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