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Selecting Marketing Automation

How to Select The Right Marketing Automation For Your Company

Which Marketing Automation Will Work For You?

Almost any will work but only a few will fit you.

50% of All Businesses By 2015

Marketing Automation adoption is exploding in B2B with 50% of all businesses expected to be using the technology by 2015 according to Sirius Decisions consulting firm.


Largely because it both works and provides a significant ROI and competitive advantage when done right. It also has the advantage of not requiring sales people to do anything they don’t want to do like CRM and isn’t as ultra complex as ERP/MRP solutions.

Knowledge and ROI Drive It

The biggest reason, in my opinion, is that for the first time marketers can know and report where prospects are in their relationship with the company and say the right thing at the right time to keep prospects moving through the sales funnel. All this makes a progressively better ROI possible if this information is acted upon.

Easy If You Let It

Selecting the right platform can be very tricky or fairly easy if you let it.  Answer the following questions and you’ll have most of your answer:

  • Will you work and require support internationally?
  • Which CRM do you want to integrate with?
  • How much support do you need and want from the vendor?
  • Will you use direct mail?
  • How technical is your team?
  • How important is ease of use?
  • How extensive do you need your tracking to be? (e.g. banner ads, social media and PPC for example).
  • How complex do you think your campaigns will be (you’ll want more complexity as you learn to use whatever platform you select in most cases).
  • Do you have executive buy-in and budget to cover the set-up and long term operation?
  • What kind of reporting will you need to show ROI and the progress that leads to the ROI?
  • Do you want to have access to a rapidly growing pool of talent to augment your staff?
  • How big is your target market today and how big do you project it to be in five years?

Many Vendors Today

Depending on whom you ask there are as many as 50 different Marketing Automation vendors out there. At some point there is going to be at least a couple of waves of consolidation in this industry. You can’t predict but it is helpful to be aware. As tempting as it might be it probably isn’t a smart move to wait until the consolidation is over; your competition may get too far ahead of you. Even in the worst case your vendor goes out of business you can transition since the content, messages and design are the hardest part. The platform just holds it all.

Capabilities get better literally every day. Costs keep going down. Support is all over the place and hard to predict.

Agreements are either annual or monthly.

Your Advocate

You want the right platform for you. Albertson Performance Group can help you pick the best platform for you. We can also help you get it to work to its full potential in your situation.

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