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Lead Nurturing

How Lead Nurturing Leads to More & Faster Sales

Few couples wish to marry after the first date. Prospects seldom buy after a visit to your website, a webinar or a white paper download.

Like dating, familiarity develops after many interactions. Values are aligned, needs are met, and the inevitable trust leads to a marriage or sale.

Many observe that up-to 80% of marketing expenditures on lead generation and content go to waste simply because the leads are handed off to the sales team too early. When a sales person doesn’t engage at the right point, he or she struggles to close the lead. Soon they avoid everything marketing produces, thinking the lead quality is bad when in fact the lead just hasn’t been nurtured far enough down the buying process.

Lead nurturing is all about having a conversation with ideal prospects regardless of their timing to buy.

Quality conversations with your ideal prospects will lead to a sale about 70% more often than trying to close too soon.

The Benefits of Good Lead Nurturing:

  • More sales…
  • More revenue…
  • Larger average sales revenue per transaction
  • Less price pressure
  • Higher profits
  • Less competition
  • Shorter selling cycles
  • Better marketing and sales alignment
  • More referrals
  • Marketing and sales has a much higher ROI

The good news is that today’s online marketing systems (Marketing Automation) have the ability to simulate conversations. You can include complex If-Then-Else (Boolean) logic, varying or changing the conversation according to the actual behaviors of your prospect.

Where most companies fail, however, is in taking the easy route. A prospect downloads a white paper, and suddenly receives two or three quick sales pitches about the product or service.

Albertson Performance Group can help you to dive more deeply into the psychology of your prospect. We’ll probe, track your prospect’s behavior, and dynamically change the messaging to match his or her thought process.

The result is that your prospect receives information that’s relevant to exactly where he’s at in his buying process.

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