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Sales Performance Improvement

Situational fluency and sales skills

Sales Performance Improvement

Simply adding two or three of the following sales performance options to your mix can make a huge difference in your businesses growth rate. Significant improvements usually occur within three to nine months.

Your Improvement Options Include:

Sales survey: Introduce a sales survey that asks questions like these: Can your people really sell? If they can, will they? What values, perspectives and assumptions might be stopping them? Can they be trained? If trained, will there be a solid ROI from the investment?

Hiring: Introduce a simple and effective way to reduce the risk that an existing employee or a new hire will work out. Combine it with a process that takes much of the time and hassle out of the hiring process.

Training: One size does not fit all. We will help you select the right off-the-shelf training program, or we  will devise a custom, in-house plan to work with your organization to accomplish your specific objectives.

Coaching: This may be the single most significant determinant of sales and business development success ever discovered. Specific coaching before and after — and even, sometimes, during — sales encounters, is the fastest known way to improve sales and business development results. Our coaching program leverages a set of scheduled and ad hoc communications, to ensure that improvement is rapid, and that long-term skill is developed.

Innovative compensation models: The right compensation model gets results, reduces management overhead, and produces delighted customers. We constantly hear things like, “I never would have thought of doing that.” Each situation is different, so call us to see what’s possible for you.

Proposal science: A poor proposal can bring everything to a screeching halt in an otherwise perfect sales process. The right proposal process will give give wings to all your hard work, and you’ll enjoy a high rate of acceptance.

Enhancing organizational performance consulting: You can get everything about sales right, but still fail, if your organization is dysfunctional. We give you the tools that will enhance organizational performance, see what’s holding you back, and give you the choice of outstanding performance.

To find out more about APG7’s work in sales performance improvment, please contact us.