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Grow your business with a stunning and professional web presence

We offer a wealth of services to help move your business to the next tier of success. Our Web development team specializes in corporate branding and key word engineering to be sure that your business has the appeal, usability and functionality of your Fortune 500 competitors. These services also ensure that your business has the organic search engine-optimized content that it takes to get your website seen by millions. Take the next step to success and grow your business with professional Web development by APG7.

Our Services

  • Professional branding with modern design

    Your website will be built with rich design elements such as jQuery and CSS3 to ensure that it stays fresh and modern for years to come. Build a brand for yourself that convey’s your quality, and your professional standards with a researched in a design driven towards your target markets.

  • User interface usability and accessibility

    Take advantage of an appealing design with a focus on usability and accessibility. All of our websites are developed with your target markets in mind, and everything, from your landing page, to your “thank you for purchasing” page, is tailored to your specific needs, using a steady flow of calls to action and easy-to-navigate pages. Make sure you reach as many end-users as possible with our optimized and W3C-compliant markup.

  • Market to the world

    Search engine engineering is a necessity in modern web development, because it ensures that your website gains more views than your competitors, which in turn, increases your conversion rate and bottom line. Our content is built with a researched method for success to be sure that your copy is keyword dense, with the terms that matter in your market. We focus on organic search engine optimazation (SEO), and content infrastructure to make your website the most relevant and efficiently-structured access point in your market.

  • View your progress with analytics

    We take advantage of Google Analytic’s rich interface and extensive portfolio of reporting options, and integrate them with all of our sites. You can easily track hot pages, conversation and bounce rates, and you can compare date progress with relevant events and promotions, to really see how your website is doing.

Search Engine Engineering

Getting your search engine optimization right requires a deliberate and precise strategy. While a great design is crucial, that, by itself, won’t deliver the desired benefits without the right traffic. Traffic that wants to buy what you sell.

Our search engine engineering provides:

  • A mixture of keywords. Some will be easy to rank. Others will take some time.
  • Long tail keywords
  • Intelligent coverage of your target market’s mindset, as expressed in keywords
  • Control
  • A map for the future
  • Adherence to industry best practices
  • A disciplined, mature and thorough approach that yields both short- and long-term results