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Content Marketing Example

Home Mortgage Refinance Jungle and Content Marketing Content marketing makes the difference everywhere I turn it seems. I just refinanced my home mortgage from a 30 year fixed at 4.25% to 15 years at 2.875%. The mortgage refinance effort turned out to be a case study in worst practices for both marketing and sales… with the […]

Content Evaluation Guide

Content Evaluation Guide Content Should Drive Sales Great content successfully advances relationships with prospects to such a degree that those prospects close relatively fast without significant discounting. Is It Doing Its Job?  To achieve this objective content needs to be available for each buying situation and that content must be effective at doing it’s “job” […]

B2B Content Challenge

B2B Content Creation Challenge Everybody seems to say you must have engaging and relevant content in every increasing volumes to play in B2B lead generation, marketing and marketing automation. Your sales guys want it for their custom nurture of both prospects and existing clients. You probably notice your competitors steadily adding content to their website […]