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Content Evaluation Guide

Content Evaluation Guide Content Should Drive Sales Great content successfully advances relationships with prospects to such a degree that those prospects close relatively fast without significant discounting. Is It Doing Its Job?  To achieve this objective content needs to be available for each buying situation and that content must be effective at doing it’s “job” […]

Content to Consider

Content to Consider Right Content At The Right Time To The Right People – How? B2B Marketing Automation Content That Moves People Simply put it has to be right; their role in the company, their current pain/aspiration and their stage of awareness. Starting the Fire Who must you touch on the decision making team to […]

Engaging and Relevant Content

The Curse of “Conventional” Approaches Alexander’s Content Story  Everyone else talks about themselves. Everyone else hoards their secret recipes. Everyone else avoids talking about the competition. Not Alexander. He promotes the competition, gives away all his “secrets”, and talks about everyone and everything else but his own company… is he crazy? “Everyone else” is only […]