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Being Heard

Marketing Automation Readiness Points; #6 of 11

Marketing Automation Readiness; #6 of 11 Relevant & Engaging Content Are you Speaking Their Language? Keywords – Are you using the right keywords for emails, headlines and content? What Bad Thing Can Happen if You Don’t: You won’t get the right people’s attention for the right reasons. Search Engine Optimization – Are you doing solid search […]


Key Players & Marketing Automation

Key Players and Marketing Automation  Poker and Marketing Automation? How to Get Prospects to Listen B2B Marketing automation is all about getting the right message to the right people at the right time. Organizing your ideal prospects into those who are key players aka those who make of the decision making team for what you […]

Content Evaluation Guide

Content Evaluation Guide Content Should Drive Sales Great content successfully advances relationships with prospects to such a degree that those prospects close relatively fast without significant discounting. Is It Doing Its Job?  To achieve this objective content needs to be available for each buying situation and that content must be effective at doing it’s “job” […]