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Content Evaluation Guide

Content Evaluation Guide Content Should Drive Sales Great content successfully advances relationships with prospects to such a degree that those prospects close relatively fast without significant discounting. Is It Doing Its Job?  To achieve this objective content needs to be available for each buying situation and that content must be effective at doing it’s “job” […]

Content for the Buying Process

Content – Buying Process Support Documents B2B Marketing Automation – What Kind of Content Will Yours Deliver? B2B Marketing Automation platforms are brilliant at automatic delivery of content. Any content. This is the opportunity and the problem. Is It ”We-We, Do-Do” or Solid Gold? A bunch of “We-We, Do-Do” stuff usually just irritates and annoys. The […]

Expert Content Creation

Less Painful Expert Content Creation Experts Need Content to Market and Differentiate Professionals (lawyers, CPA, CFP’s and so on), technology companies and other true experts need content to market effectively. Content is the rocket fuel b2b marketing automation and effective selling demand. Catch 22 The Catch 22 aka “no win situation, is that real subject […]

The CEO and B2B Lead Generation

What CEO’s Want in B2B Lead Generation … And How They Can Get It Net profits – much of what marketing talks about is hard to measure. 70% – 80% of CEO’s report being frustrated at not having a more precise view of marketing’s impact on profit. Cost of sales reduction – 70% – 80% […]