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This report outlines the step-by-step process for getting your first Act-On marketing automation campaign up and running. We’ve used this same process to help companies like Reach Technology increase their sales by over 600%. It’s the same system that’s used by companies like Dell and IBM to automate their lead generation and sales process.

Watch for these key pieces of information in the report:

  • The two key steps to implementing a profitable marketing automation system;
  • How to sell your boss on marketing automation;
  • And the exact steps you’ll take to implement your first campaign.

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We’re ready to help with any or all phases of your marketing automation plan. We’ll scrub and optimize your data so that you get only highly qualified and targeted leads. We’ll create the content that drives your marketing automation machine. And, we’ll lead you and your team through every step – from defining a powerful and crystal-clear value proposition to aligning your sales and marketing teams to a new way of growing your business.

We use a Build-Operate-Transfer model in which we’ll build your system, operate it until it’s producing the desired results, and then teach your team how to enhance and build on our foundation.

If you’re ready now, just call us at 503-635-2319 or complete the form on the right. We’ll conduct a no-obligation interview, and if we feel that marketing automation isn’t appropriate for you or in your best interest, we’ll let you know. The system only works for certain select companies, and if that’s not you we’ll tell you.

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Eric Albertson

“Can Eric and his team help any engineering-oriented company? There is no doubt in my mind that for most companies, even marginally profitable ones, they can increase sales dramatically. The real question is whether a company is willing to embrace their approach.”
~ Jonathan More, President, Reach Technology

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